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Raising Startup Capital for Business as Mission?

BLDNG The Wall - Christian Capitalism is a new blog that's come online talking about the intersection of faith and business. They put together a great list of places to build capital from either grants, loans or investment capital. Here's an excerpt

Venture Capital (National)

  • Kingdom Ventures (Christian)- $500,000- $5 million. A,B,C rounds of financing, sometimes bridge loans
  • Kings Counsel & Trust Ventures (Christian)-
  • Social Enterprise (social, environmental & economic). Development capital, bridge loans, hard money loans, mezzanine debt, joint venture & preferred equity. Sweet spot $5 million. Over $100 million. Kings Counsel also helps entrepreneurs to get their start-up ready for raising capital , linking them up with consultants who can help them to put together business plans, management team, etc..
  • Good Capital (secular)- Social enterprises targeting poverty & inequality. Later stage equity between $1-2 million
  • True Ventures (secular)- Early stage capital in Tech sector.
  • Greylock Partners (secular)- Tech & select markets. Growth companies that are poised to become market leaders in their industry.
  • DFJ (secular)- Early stage capital. Information technology, clean energy, nanotech, and life sciences.

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posted by Justin Forman | 2.25.2009 - 9:28 PM


Thank you for posting this resource. Very helpful!
commented by Anonymous Michael Shipe, 6:07 PM  

How can it works for Papua ?
commented by Blogger integrity, 3:33 AM  

Thank you for this list Jason. Our for-profit business is currently looking for funding sources that balance both the Christian and the social component. This is a very useful list.
commented by Anonymous IADDIC Shelters, 9:39 AM  

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