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Its Time for Action by Isaac Klepac

In times of crisis we want to circle the wagons and hide ourselves from adversity. We try to protect ourselves to make ourselves feel like everything is going to be OK. That’s all great except your business needs you to take a hard dispassionate look at it’s position and then to take decisive action. You can’t lead the same way you do in good times.

I am not saying that I have mastered this yet, but I see clearly the need for this. The longer it takes you to see the more damage is done. No it’s not fair. No one is going to make it fair for you or consider your past accomplishments. You better get after it. Is your business worth fighting for?

So how are you going to fight this fight of your life? Start with you the leader. Who are you? What are you doing well and where can you improve? Do you believe in your organization and your product? You better. If you don’t you better continue to develop and find ways to stand out. You better make the corrective actions that are necessary. Make the most of this new environment.

How is any company going to survive? By allowing this season to make you and your product better. By fighting and reaching deep down to find courage that you didn’t know was there. The biggest threat to the United States is affluence, comfort and apathy. In times of affluence and peace we can trade passion for something bigger then ourselves for lusts and fear. It’s time to shed our own personal fears and work to create great products and services for ourselves and our customers. It’s time for a new models that will sustain our passion to create and invent.
Get hungry again. Get real and take action. This is a different time and this new market demands our attention. It’s time to brush yourself of and get to work creating something great.

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posted by Justin Forman | 2.14.2009 - 1:23 PM


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