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A Global Overview of the Business as Mission Movement: Needs & Gaps by Mats Tunehag

Business as Mission (BAM) is part of a wider global movement that recognizes and responds to God’s call to the whole Church taking the whole gospel to the whole person in the whole world. BAM is a relatively new term, but is based upon biblical concepts. The BAM concept is holistic in nature and content; it is built upon the truth that God has the power to transform people and communities spiritually, economically, socially, and environmentally.

BAM does not accept the unbiblical and pervasive paradigm of a dichotomy between sacred and secular, where “church” or “missionary” work is considered a spiritually superior “full-time ministry” and doing business is considered less “spiritual”—or worse. In the last fifteen years the BAM concept has spread across the world and the number of BAM initiatives has grown dramatically.

However, there are still major needs and gaps in the global BAM movement. This article will attempt to identify and briefly elaborate on a few of them. The following nine points can be used for prayer, discussion, planning, and action.
1. Vision Impartation - We have many reasons to rejoice and praise God for the growth of the global BAM movement. However, there is still a major need for further and wider vision-casting. Since BAM is a triangular drama which involves church, business, and missions, the BAM vision needs to be imparted among these three constituencies, especially targeting church and mission leaders and Christians in the marketplace.
2. Concept Clarification - In particular, through the global BAM Think Tank (which worked under the auspices of Lausanne), a widely-accepted definition has emerged and gained strength:
Business as Mission is about real, viable, sustainable, and profitable businesses; with a Kingdom of God purpose, perspective, and impact; leading to transformation of people and societies spiritually, economically, socially, and environmentally—to the greater glory of God.

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posted by Justin Forman | 2.01.2009 - 3:31 PM


Great article. Do you know if a BAM contact list exists? Thanks!
commented by Blogger goslowgo, 5:00 PM  

I don't know that there is any comprehensive list, but we have an email subscriber list of 5,000 people and 600 people on the LinkedIn Network. Not sure what it is that you're looking for, but I'm happy to help.
commented by Blogger Justin Forman, 6:21 PM  

Thanks Justin! I am working on my Ph.D. at Regent and hope to do some academic research with BAMs. How is the best way to contact you?
commented by Blogger goslowgo, 12:24 PM  

Its a crazy time of the year so time is short, but the best way to contact me would be through email, justin @ businessasmissionnetwork.com.
commented by Blogger Justin Forman, 10:52 PM  

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