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HOPE International Launches New Microfinance Website

I'm a big fan of big ideas. Hope International, led by Peter Greer is a group full of big ideas of using microfinance as a tool to share Christ.

Recently they just launched a brand new version of their website to foster interconnectivity among their supporters and with the leadership of the group. There's a lot of similar functions to the wildly popular model of Kiva.

The redesigned website can be found at http://www.hopeinternational.org/. In addition to updated content, stories, photos, video stories through the HOPE TV section, blog, the new website features a holiday gift catalog and invites visitors to Give HOPE. The gift catalog showcases gifts appropriate for friends, family members, or business associates in a wide variety of price ranges all of which come with a guaranteed lasting impact in the fight against physical and spiritual poverty. Givers can write a customized message to the gift recipient that will appear on a beautiful HOPE gift certificate.

The Give HOPE portion of the website includes stories of HOPE clients who are pursuing funding for their businesses and enables users to fund entrepreneurs like those profiled. Users of Give HOPE can establish their own profile page on HOPE’s website, connect with other passionate supporters of HOPE’s work, and establish personal fundraising goals for a HOPE Trip or a specific project. Give HOPE will encourage interaction among microfinance enthusiasts by featuring message boards and enabling fundraising teams to rally around a common cause. Visit Give HOPE now.

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posted by Justin Forman | 2.01.2009 - 10:40 AM


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