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Why I'm Uncomfortable Calling it Business as Mission

"I'm not keen on the Business as Mission tag as I feel mission has become an event in the western church, rather than the center of what we should be doing as believers."

This months quote comes from a a young, dynamic entreprenuer working in Camboida. While often times terms might be needed to help explain a concept to an audience like the church, I hope the simplicity of the statement and the idea behind Business as Mission rings true.

What do you think? Has Business as Mission become an event more than what we should be doing by default as Christians?

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posted by Justin Forman | 11.30.2008 - 5:19 PM


Justin I agree. My reason is Mission has come to mean an event, but also about number filed under a name. Usually a church name. As Kingdom men and Kingdom women function in a way that seeks to serve others though our work we have the opportunity to shine comes through. We should be building are serving people and not looking to build numbers in a church. Do we see that washing the dishes is mission? Producing a widget that empowers the lives of others is mission? It was not the evangelistic meetings that Daniel had that made the difference. It was his faithfulness and Kingdom abilities faithfully used in service to a pagan King. So yes I am happy with the name if it means something bigger then a church program, but I understand the hesitancy.
commented by OpenID servantentrepreneur, 7:38 PM  

Wikipedia offers the following:

The etymology of "business" relates to the state of being busy either as an individual or society as a whole, doing commercially viable and profitable work.

In my worldview, the term profitable goes far beyond money. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, lets not loose site of the fact that the activities of BAM is a natural, logical and desireable outcome of who we are as christians..

(and thanks Justin for your efforts here..)
commented by Blogger dmorrow, 11:07 AM  

Thanks Justin for this question and observations. I am involved in helping to develop BAM in 10 countries of Asia...including Cambodia. I'm not sure that Western Christianity has become an event, but BAM has often become the "tail wagging the dog." What to I mean? The "mission" is the vision, purpose, goal and product...not the business. Business is never the mission. It is a vital empowerment, platform, energizer, avenue, etc. FOR the mission. Focus on "mission" and business finds its natural and spiritual place.
commented by Blogger ImpactAsia, 8:41 AM  

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