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Own a Business as Mission Restaurant in Kathmandu

Recently received an email from a reader who is looking for someone who would be interested in taking over an established business in the heart of Kathmandu, Nepal.

The Red Dingo Restaurant was opened a few years ago and quickly established a reputation for quality food and standards. The managing couple, Stuart and Shirley Forbes are returning to Australia in the early part of 2009 and are looking to find a Christian to take over the business. Red Dingo is also registered as a boutique inn so it is possible to have a guesthouse as well.

It was started as Stuart and Shirley were looking to stay in Nepal for their daughters adoption papers to go though. Restaurants was all Stuart and Shirley knew, so the Red Dingo started. They have done amazingly well for the first year. They live up stairs above the restaurant in a 3 bedroom house. The Stuarts have 2 children so it has been to spend as much time with them as possible and the same could be true for any new owners.

With their daughters adoption finalized they thought they would stay a few more years to recoup their investment. But with their parents ill they need to return to Australia.

Its a great opportunity for mission minded people to live in Nepal. If anyone is interested in a Business in Kathmandu Nepal, please email Shirley on stuartandshirley@yahoo.com.au.

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posted by Justin Forman | 12.07.2008 - 3:30 PM


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