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Regent Center for Entrepreneurship Launches The Africa Project

Here at Regent Center for Entrepreneurship (RCE) we have embarked on a Great Adventure we are inviting all of our Founders, Friends, and Regent Alumni to join with us!

This Great Adventure is the heart of Kingdom Business – transforming lives and nations through business – beginning on the continent of Africa!

Dale Neill, President of the International Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC), has invited Dr. John Mulford and the RCE Team to partner in a Great Commission venture. We’ll be creating Business Development Centers in the nations of Burundi, Rwanda, Benin, and Liberia, in association with the ICCC Global Trade Center based in Jerusalem.

John Mulford, ICCC Rwanda Member, Dale NeillDale and Dr. John Mulford, RCE Director and former Dean of Regent’s Graduate School of Business, traveled to Africa in August to lay the groundwork for what we are calling "The Africa Project": establishing Business Development Centers that will create profitable and sustainable SME’s that we believe will create jobs and a groundswell of Kingdom impact, beginning in January with the nation of Burundi – one of the poorest nations on planet Earth.

The Presidents of these four nations are Christians who have asked ICCC and Regent University to partner together to train emerging entrepreneurs in each of their respective nations. The goal? To establish thousands of businesses that we believe will not only lead to the transformation of these nations through business, but which will provide access to the other 53 nations of Africa.

We begin in January 2009 in the nation of Burundi, intent on training entrepreneurs to plan and launch 1,000 small to medium-sized businesses over the next 5 years. In April of 2009, we start a 15-week course that will take the first group of Burundi students through the process of identifying a business idea, learning the functional areas of starting a business, and then provide coaching through the start-up and launch phase.

At the TV station of Liberat Hatungimana, VP of ICCC Burundi and businessmanAs you know, Africa has been the recipient of foreign aid for decades – a continent rich in natural resources that has benefitted little from foreign aid. Our purpose is to use ‘trade,’ not ‘aid,’ to literally transform these nations as well as the entire continent – teaching people to fish, ‘to feed them for a lifetime,’ not just a day.

Regent’s theme is ‘Christian leadership to change the world,’ and we believe The Africa Project is an amazing opportunity given us by God to make a difference by going in with resources and depositing an entrepreneurial spirit that will help lift these nations from poverty and civil war to be a blessing to other nations – even Israel (more on that aspect later). God has placed Christians in top leadership positions in these four nations – leading their countries at a time of literally rebuilding their nations from nothing – and we have this window of opportunity to actually transform lives and nations through business as never before.

In order to capture this opportunity we need your help!

Time, Treasure, and Talent – these are the resources God has given you, and it is our desire to channel your gifts and resources through The Africa Project.

RCE needs to raise $200,000 by December 31st, 2008 in order to get on the ground in January. We are asking everyone we know to participate in at least 1 of these areas. When was the last time you had a chance to partner in the transformation of 4 nations that has the prospect of transforming an entire continent?

Tom Stansbury, RCE Entrepreneur in Residence, teaching in UkraineI just returned from Ukraine where I served in a Kingdom Business venture. For the past 3 months I was a Strategic Business Consultant with one of the largest financial institutions in the nation, helping to create a nationally-branded company in the real estate sector. Over the course of the past year, RCE has launched a business development center in Ternopil, Ukraine – there we have taught Biblical Entrepreneurship and now have emerging entrepreneurs in the process of writing business plans; we will be holding a Business Plan Competition in November of this year.

This experience has given us ‘on the ground’ competencies in launching Business Development Centers we hope can be replicated around the world. ICCC is in over 100 nations, and we believe The Africa Project will not only impact the continent, but also provide a Kingdom business replication model that can be launched world-wide.

As we embark on this Great Adventure, the RCE Team is inviting each and every person who reads this to partner with us in this huge Kingdom Business effort – because if all of us join together with what God is doing on the earth today, we can impact an entire nation – even an entire continent, if we do it ‘AS ONE’ (remember Gladiator?).

RCE Blog: www.kingdomentrepreneur.blogspot.com I will be keeping you posted on developments each week through our blog, as we take this step of faith. Be in prayer, as the week of September 29th I am in Atlanta meeting with Os Hillman from Marketplaceleaders.org, along with Dale Neill, regarding The Africa Project. Later in the week I will be attending the Board of Governor’s Meeting in Chicago for Opportunity International as well.

Next week, on October 8th, we will be holding an RCE Executive Roundtable at Regent University where Dr. Mulford and I will be laying out more details of this incredible opportunity – you are invited, so please join us!

For the King and His Kingdom,

Tom Stansbury, MBA

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posted by Justin Forman | 10.05.2008 - 7:30 AM



My business www.edp-uk.com under its foundation www.bridge2.org is completing our first school for entrepreneurs in Bangui Central Africa and would be please to share our teaching materials, challenges and learnings in getting the building up and equipped,Our first intake of 20 students is well on the way. Target is Jan 09. I should say that this is not an academic MBA type of school rather we start 4-5 business in year one and learn how to run emerging business by doing it God's way - as we say on the other side of the coin. Teaching by video conferencing through line of sight technology etc etc. If there is anything we can do to serve ICCC in this venture we would be pleased to support you this amazing vision. We are currently developing business plans for a school in SE Asia and I recently shared this with the ICCC group in Singapore.

David Skews
commented by Blogger David Skews, 11:55 PM  

Thank you for continuing to make us aware of these kinds of enterprises. It is an encouragement to me. Africa is a Continent with amazing potential. Micro loans and new products that enable small farmers to earn a greater income are reasons to get excited.
commented by OpenID servantentrepreneur, 3:47 PM  

Thanks David and servantentrepreneur! David, I'll send you an email so we can connect.

Regent Center for Entrepreneurship


I'm a bussionary working in Rwanda, and have been been here for over 5 years, serving with business as mission (YWAM).

I was thrilled to read about what you want to start. I'm working with others on starting up a Christian Business Training Centre. I'd love to connect, share visions, resources, brainstorm together, and anything else. Please do get in touch - bussionary@gmail.com.

In Him,

Chris Page
commented by Blogger Chris, 3:36 AM  

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