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Introducing Living Way of South Africa

When Khumi Morare came to the Living Hope Health Care Centre in 2006, she was critically ill from the HIV virus. Alone in Cape Town, she had no one to turn to for herself and her twin babies. Slowly but surely she was nursed back to health but faced a bleak future with no job and no income. Once she heard that a sewing class run by Evangeline Ministries had started at Living Hope, she enrolled in what was the first class. As she became stronger she proved to be a fast learner and her children were all the motivation she needed. Unable to care for them, they were placed in foster care and Khumi was determined to get them back.

The African animal tote print bags were her way to do that. By the time she left the Health Care Centre she was able to show the social worker she earned enough to take care of her boy and girl. She purchased and furnished a shack and with help from friends began her new life with her kids. Because of her determination, discipline and dependability, Khumi supervises the making of these bags. The sewing class and the tote bags gave Khumi hope where before she had none.

Having attended Living Way's entrepreneurial training course, Khumi has been empowered to be the distributor in the bag making business. Through a process of micro-loans, Khumi and seven other graduates of the sewing classes formed their own micro-businesses. These businesses operate on a weekly cycle – buying material from Khumi and selling finished products back to her. Each week, the men and women grow their business money and are able to develop capital for future jobs. Sewing any products that the community wants, these men and women are independent.

Amazingly, Khumi has paid back her R6000 ($750) loan in eight weeks. In fact, all seamstresses' micro-loans have been paid back and several more seamstresses have joined the program. We give God glory for the work he has done in bringing Khumi on this journey of hope.

Living Way is a not-for profit organization working to economically empower people from under-resourced communities in Cape Town, South Africa. Part of the Fish Hoek Baptist Church Community Trust, it is a member of the Living Hope family of organizations. Together their aim is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ in a life-changing way and to encourage people to follow him. Living Way’s role in this is to create opportunities for people to earn their way out of poverty through savings clubs, job creation, developing entrepreneurs and various training.
For more information on Living Way and to see some of Khumi’s products, please access www.livingway.co.za.

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posted by Justin Forman | 10.15.2008 - 7:34 PM


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