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Taking Care of Business with Andy Stanley of North Point

There's something of a futility and routine in all of our work. In any job, it's easy to lose sight of the fact that Work can be Worship.

Last week I was able to take some of the leaders in our ministry through a study, Taking Care of Business with Andy Stanley.

I've always enjoyed reading Andy's books on leadership but I especially enjoyed hearing Andy dig deep into the scriptures to find the Biblical significance of work that we all too often overlook. Here's a couple of thoughts that stood out:
  • Why do we often think that work was the result of sin? One of the first things God did after creating Adam was putting him to work in he garden. When the garden was "as good as it got" and free from sin, God had Adam working. Genesis 2:8-9, 15.
  • The significance of our work is not found in the details of our job but in our willingness to put our heart into it.
  • In Heaven we will work. God is watching how we do what he has called us to now to see what kind of responsibility he can entrust to us when we get to heaven. Because of that, our work has eternal implications, no matter how routine our job is or what company we work for.
  • How hard we work and how well we perform is just as important as how we behave or our character.
If I could make sure that every Christian businessman or woman could hear just one talk on the idea of Work being Worship, this would be it. 

I think Andy did a particularly great job on the first message. It defines the purpose of work in a way that reaches out to anyone with a job.

Over the years, I've personally bought several copies and given it to friends or co-workers. In fact, we're going to start to use this on our first day of training for anyone who joins our team. To purchase your own audio set, visit the North Point website. 

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posted by Justin Forman | 3.08.2010 - 7:40 PM


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