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Ex-Prisoners, Entrepreneurship and Ministry ???

This might be different from some of our other conversations but it is nonetheless creative and unique in its ability to combine business and ministry. The recent highlight of The Prison Entrepreneurship Program in Christianity Today deserves some recognition (Here's the link to their website) for its incredible idea and its inspirational leadership. Numerous events along with the Washington Post have also featured the group in a recent article. Here's an excerpt from the article, click to see the whole article at Christianity Today.

"Catherine Rohr, a private-equity investor, was a long way from Wall Street when she decided to visit a prison in Sugar Land, Texas, four years ago. What she witnessed there changed her life.
"I thought I was going on this zoo tour to see these wild caged animals. Instead, I saw many men who were repentant and had their hands up in the air, worshiping God," Rohr, then 26, told CT. "I found it ironic that the closest I ever felt to God was in prison on Easter weekend. I had been so condemning of these men, but I felt that they really knew God."

Rohr spoke with the inmates about how they ended up behind bars, about leading gangs and running drugs, and she quickly decided that prison was a "storehouse of untapped potential." The men she encountered were brimming with business savvy. It was just misdirected.

A month later, Rohr launched the Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP), which offers business training from MBA students at elite schools such as Harvard and Wharton—and from some of the 4,000 CEOs in Rohr's Rolodex ..."

Click here to read the full article at Christianity Today

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posted by Justin Forman | 9.14.2008 - 4:52 PM


My name is Lindsey Lormand and I'm a business student at Howard Payne University. I was recommended to talk to you by Mary Carpenter (David's wife).

What thoughts do you have about college students who are wanting to serve God in the business world?
commented by Blogger lindseyjoy, 7:26 PM  

Hey Lindsey, good to hear from you. I think its a great idea. Its a big topic but obviously a great idea that I'm very passionate about. I'd recommend you looking into some opportunities to intern with some kingdom companies. Try checking out some of the opportunities on www.rightnow.org or email me at justin at rightnow.org.
commented by Blogger Justin Forman, 6:25 PM  

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