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Global Advance Conference with Kevin Pate in W.Africa

Global Advance recently conducted Marketplace Mission Conferences for Christian business leaders in two very key cities in West Africa. Kumasi, Ghana, is the business hub for West Africa and is an important city for commerce. Accra, Ghana, is the capital of the nation. It is the regular meeting place of the African Union and as such is an important influencer over African politics.

Led by Kevin Pate of Global Advance, the marketplace events were attended by top-notch business professionals and entrepreneurs and were organized by local groups that have deep roots in missions and a passion for the Great Commission. Attendees were challenged to incorporate biblical principles into their businesses. A frequent comment from attendees was: “I never knew the Bible had so much to say about business!

In addition to teaching during the conferences, the Global Advance team visited several businesses to consult and pray with owners. Testimony after testimony was given of how entrepreneurs had started from small, humble beginnings to build thriving businesses. Many recognized how God had guided and protected them and blessed their work.

One young entrepreneur, Godfrey, started with a home computer and printer and has since built a business that specializes in novelty advertising and printing. In five short years he has gone from a one man start-up to employing ten people. The Global Advance team spent time praying with Godfrey that God would continue to prosper his business. The next day, the team received a very excited and thankful phone call from him relaying that after the team prayed with him, orders for his products began to pour in and he received a month’s worth of orders in only one day! Praise God for His faithfulness to hear and answer our prayers!

There were many more powerful testimonies from these faithful business leaders in Ghana. These men and women are truly on the frontlines as they seek to honor God with their businesses and their lives. Their testimonies of God’s faithfulness are an encouragement to all Christians everywhere. Let’s pray for our brothers and sisters in Ghana and for their labors. This is a nation where God is strongly moving!

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posted by Justin Forman | 7.30.2008 - 7:58 PM


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