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Business as Mission Network:: Turn Good Business and Missions into Great MinistryTurn Good Business and Missions into Great Ministry with News, Resources, and Tools from the leading businesss leaders, authors, pastors around the world

Defining the Next Steps. How to get Involved in Business as Mission.

So you've read the books, seen the video and begun to realize that you have a passion to combine business and ministry. Now you're wanting to get involved but you just don't know where to start.

We'll let me be the first to say, you're not alone. Defining the next steps and seeing people take action will be either the defining moment or a great bottleneck for the movement as a whole.

While most are still being forged, some tangible next steps are beginning to take shape. Here's an outline of some ways to get involved:

I'm a Business Owner/CEO. How do I use my business for ministry? There's several different groups that can be a great starting point for this journey. The Global CEO Network led by Tom Sudyk is a group committed to offering a place of encouragement, networking and sharing of ideas for Business as Mission companies around the world through their bi-annual conferences.

The C12 Group led by Don Barefoot and the BBL Forum are two groups that have an incredible passion to help Christian business owners build their ministry through connecting local business leaders. If you're a Christian business owner, this can be a great place to find fellowship, encouragement and business advice with 10-12 other kingdom minded leaders who share a common passion for business and ministry. C12 was started on the east coast and BBL is based on the west coast, but both have a national presence.

Take the Next Step: Global CEO Network, C12 Group and BBL all have national events taking place this fall that can be a great first step to connect even deeper. Visit their websites for all the details.

I'm an aspiring Entrepreneur, how do I make sure the company that I start is a Business as Mission Company? First, consume a lot of the top business as mission books and videos and learn from those that have gone before you. Having a strong understanding and appreciation for running a sound business will be pivotal. If you're in a position where you can take off for 6 weeks to see some Business as Mission groups up close, I'd encourage giving a look to the Introduction to Business as Mission Training Course (IBAM) hosted by the guys at Youth With a Mission.

Take the Next Step: Visit www.businessasmission.com and read the brochure about their upcoming training course this spring in Thailand.

A Group of Businessmen in our Church all share the Passion for Business and Ministry. How can we start something in our church? A few years ago when I first heard Bob Kuhlman , President of Integra share about the ministry, the one thing that struck me was commitment. In today's microwave, instant gratification culture it is significant when someone commits to working something for the long term. At Integra, they match groups of businessmen and women in a local church and partner them up with a kingdom business owner on the other side of the world for a long term partnership. Through emails, phone calls and regular visits communities of businessmen and women are able to share from their business experience and guide young entrepreneurs through the stages of building a kingdom business. I think this would be an incredible opportunity that would unleash the businessmen and women in their church.

Take the Next Step: Visit http://www.integrausa.org/, read the stories and talk to your church about getting involved.

Invest 1 Week of Vacation Time by Leading Business Seminars- A few years ago opportunities to use business and ministry on a short term basis were relatively undefined. Today groups like Global Advance, Rep, Partners Worldwide and others have created short 1 week opportunities to visit entrepreneurs in other countries and offer business training.

Take the Next Step: Just starting to plan how to use that vacation time for 2009? Most of these groups have already published opportunities for the next 12 months.

How do I find a Full-Time Position with a Business as Mission Company? The first part of answering this question is understanding the status of the movement and defining realistic expectations.

The Business as Mission idea is still relatively in its beginning stages. Most kingdom companies are small to medium sized companies either still in, or just phasing out of some start up phases. As a result opportunities might not be as defined or cookie cutter. While that can attract the entrepreneurial minded, it can also drive others crazy. In the past 6 months several people have connected to full time Business as Mission Companies through the website and we see that as a growing trend with some very specific postings.

If you're really driven and can present your skills well, opportunities can abound. Remember, it may be a little messy. You might find yourself starting with an internship or entry level role and salaries may not be comparable the corporate world, but it will be rewarding on so many other levels. In the past few years we've seen some incredible stories of people getting involved with internships and full time postilions at companies like Hope International, Olive Technology, PRI, Meiya Rugs, Bluefish TV and many others. If you're talented and willing to take the initiative, many companies would be happy to give you a chance.

Micro finance - Give to Something Sustainable with Physical and Spiritual Impact- The rise of micro finance has created a new world of opportunities for people to give to something that is self sustaining and engages the idea of business. Hope International, Opportunity International and World Relief are some of the top groups that have an unashamed passion for Christ and make it known in how they live out their ministry. Over the past few years my wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being a part of these ministries and seeing the long term, self sustaining impact of meeting physical and spiritual needs.

Take the Next Step: For as little as $25 or $50 you can be a part of loaning aspiring entrepreneurs the capital they need to start their business and provide for their family.

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posted by Justin Forman | 8.24.2008 - 12:04 PM


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