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Life Lessons Over Lunch with Andy Stanley

For years, Andy Stanley and NorthPoint Community Church have been recognized for creating leadership tools. Recently, while speaking at a conference I met someone whose business had been greatly impacted by a new initiative called "Life Lessons Over Lunch."

This is a marketplace initiative where participants meet on a regular basis to view a messages on DVD over lunch. It exists to offer an opportunity for believers and non-believers to come and engage on leadership principles that contain Biblical values. I is a simple and effective way to share faith and invest in others at work. Many organizations have benefited greatly from these lessons that they do every other week, and there is very little preparation that has to go into this.

The website for LLOL is http://www.lifelessonsoverlunch.com/ but the place to go view a quick video about the series is here: www.lifelessonsoverlunch.com/about.

This tool can be powerful bring people together to experience relationship and discipleship, and it is beneficial for people at any stage of their spiritual journey. For more information or to start this at your company, contact Jeffrey Jeffords at 678-892-5565 or jeffrey.jeffords@northpoint.org.

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posted by Justin Forman | 6.08.2008 - 4:24 PM


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