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Are You a Christian Business man or woman? - Buck Jacobs

Words have meaning and the use of words is important. For instance, it troubles me to hear people say that there can be no such thing as a “Christian” business. These same people have no trouble describing a school as a “Christian” school or music as “Christian” music. They say that a business can’t be “Christian” because it can’t go to heaven! As if a school or “music” can. Christian can be, and is, used very appropriately as an adjective, a word that brings greater meaning or clarity to a noun or pronoun. Think about it; does a different picture come to your mind if I were to describe someone as a businessman Christian or a Christian business man (or woman)? When used as an adjective Christian means that the noun is Christian in character, purpose, and acts in ways that are consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ. Can a school be so described? Of course it can, and so can a business.A business that is consecrated, committed, or set apart, to adhere to and promote the values and message of Jesus is appropriately called “Christian” in the same way that a school so established and committed. It is simply an evasion of responsibility to assert that a business is exempt from the claims of Christ. Sin is sin at work, in the church, or in the home, there are no exemptions! If anything Jesus calls His people to a higher standard in the world of trade, never compromising there or anywhere else. So, how would you describe yourself? Your business? More importantly, how would Jesus?

Buck Jacobs is the Chairman of the Board and Founder of the C12 Group, a network of Christian CEO's and Owners Building GREAT Businesses for a greater purpose. As CEO of The C12 Group, Buck has written several books and feature magazine articles, including A Light Shines Bright in Babylon – A Handbook for Christian Business Owners, An Action Plan for Ministry, and Seven Habits of Highly Effective Christians – all available by visiting C12’s online store at http://www.c12group.com/index.php.

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posted by Justin Forman | 5.11.2008 - 1:28 PM


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