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International Business as Mission Training Members Return from Indonesia

Personal reflection from Will attending the International Business as Mission (IBAM) course field trip to Indonesia along with 7 other participants. Read how he was impacted by what he experience there:

In Indonesia, we visited a wide variety of different businesses that are responding dynamically to the local needs in this region of the world. Poverty and lack of basic infrastructure is overwhelming. The businesses we looked at ranged from handicrafts to Internet cafe to a construction business. Daniel, the entrepreneur who started them, has worked in this area of Indonesia for nearly 20 years. He and his wife moved their family to what seemed like the end of the world because God called them to be pioneer sin a difficult often, hostile environment. Through business and economic development, he saw that he could help bring life into this area of Indonesia. The businesses, micro-credit and training programs they started have been a life-line, reaching to many in need.

From his 20 years experience of living and working in Indonesia, other organizations that are just now starting up in the area are turning to Daniel for his wisdom, experience and knowledge of the area and culture. God has given him this favor and further opportunity to influence and consult with organizations that are catching the vision and need to bring economic development and sustainability here. It was exciting to see that the immediate team he has trained are now Believers.They have amazing character and passion for the Lord, which in turn is motivating them to press into new areas of development and business in the area. This type of growth is exponential in that they are taking opportunities to share their faith with their colleagues, friends and family. An exciting movement is now underway because of the faithful obedience of one man.

Personally, one of the lessons from this course that has been highlighted for me practically during the field trip is the value of finding locals,training them and releasing them in their gifts. This is exactly the model that Daniel has followed and it is working well. He has committed to Indonesia for the long-term and is just now seeing some of these fruits of his labor. I think we have yet to see the full extend of what God wants to do in this area of the world and it will continue to show more over time.

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posted by Justin Forman | 3.05.2008 - 7:00 AM


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