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Business as Mission Job Opportunities:: Bakke Graduate School looking for New Dean of Business School

Bakke Graduate University (BGU) is seeking a dean of its newly forming business school. Until this year, BGU has had a theology school with masters and doctorate programs and has grown from approximately 70 active students to 400 students in four years. BGU is looking for a leader to build a business school that is value-consistent with the theology school and can utilize the BGU international network to grow courses and regional hubs throughout the world.


Academic: Dean candidates need to have a doctorate in a business-related field, or anticipate finishing their doctorate in a business-related field within the next year.

Experience: Building an entrepreneurial business that includes international franchises or offices, especially in China, Southeast Asia and India, would be a direct fit with the requirements of this job. Educational management and graduate level teaching would also be a plus. Candidates need to be able to demonstrate past abilities of both starting new initiatives and building teams under them for on-going health of that initiative.

Gifts: Natural gifts in the area of management of people and resources; vision-casting and recruiting, teambuilding and cross-cultural communications would be needed for this job.

Values: The educational values of BGU can be found at www.bgu.edu/about.

Curriculum: BGU has two degrees that were authorized by the Higher Education Coordinating Board of Washington Stated in early 2008. These include a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and a Masters of Arts in Social and Civic Entrepreneurship (MASCE) which is a hybrid degree between the theology and business schools. BGU’s business dean will have a large part in shaping both the details and faculty for this new curriculum. To date, BGU’s business curriculum has a specialty niche that includes:

(1) practical business and organizational leadership skills for mid-level managers
(2) a five-level curriculum advancing from basic business concepts and skills to complex thinking skills in a cross-cultural environment
(3) an emphasis on profits as vital to business sustainability, but superceded by a purpose for business that is focused on providing social good, especially in large urban environments
(4) business as a call for accomplishing the purposes of God (business as mission) in the world as well as a strategy for accomplishing emotional, social and spiritual healing in challenged parts of the world (business as missions).
(5) leadership that creates cultures and decision-making structures that treat people as bearers of God’s image (e.g. as described in Joy at Work and Joy at Work Bible study companion). BGU’s business school will teach Christian principled business, but will not require students to have the Christian faith.

For more information about BGU, it’s curriculum or this job position, please contact julieg@bgu.edu or call 800-935-4723.


posted by Justin Forman | 3.10.2008 - 7:00 AM


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