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Training the Next Generation: A Reflection from a Participant in the Business as Mission Training Course

From the Business as Mission Network to the YWAM Training In Thailand

The Business as Mission Network has quickly become the place for people to learn about opportunities to get involved. A few months ago someone visited the site and learned about the business as mission training course in Thailand. Here's a reflection from Evan after the first week in the training course in Thailand:

Youth With a Mission's Introduction to Business as Mission course was not in my plans. However, I found myself listening to the Father laugh more in regards to my plans rather than I seeing His hand move in the direction I had hoped. After the first week of lectures and gaining the knowledge that I have uncovered through the lives and testimonies of my classmates in this course, I am eternally grateful for God's sense of humor in the direction and plans he has for my life.

My story as a BAMer has taken a very logical course that was often beyond my comprehension throughout the journey. While studying business management in college, my wife and I helped plan, open, and manage a full-scale coffeehouse that doubled as a platform for relational evangelism to take place. As I continued my studies in business at the postgraduate level, I often felt frustrated and felt my heart was moving further from business activities and closer to "fulltime ministry" by being involved in missions work. I remember thinking, "God I don't know why I am getting my MBA, because I want to serve you full timein missions and not in the workplace". At that time, I had no idea how God was preparing me for full time ministry through my work and educational experience in business.

First I had to come to a place where I could see my daily work as ministry by breaking down the mental wall that compartmentalized work apart from ministry. This week's teaching by Mats Tunehag (Week 1 Topic: Intro to BAM) and Bill Rigden (Topic: Role of prayer in BAM) have only confirmed the calling that God has placed on my life to use business as an inspired way to transform, bless, and prepare a way for His kingdom to dwell among men.

To briefly summarize this week's lectures, I would say that despite one’s starting place in business as missions--whether a highly experienced, trained businessperson or someone with a heart for missions--one must truly understand the impact of the sacred and secular divide in our thinking. It whispers in our heads, constantly trying to affect the way we process and under-spiritualize God¹s call on our life. Primarily one must realize the debilitating effects of such a mentality on the church at large and the hardships it will create for those trying to use their gifts to minister full time in the business world. Business can be used for the ultimate glory of God.

One of greatest struggles that I have felt and seen in my classmates this week has been trying to understand the practical manifestations of a BAM project due to its wide spectrum of application around the world. My initial conclusion on matter is that BAM application is truly a matter of the heart and God gives us the creativity to step out in faith with Him. BAM projects will not appear the same in one region as the next or from one-person to the next and so begins the journey.

Evan Kubicek

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posted by Justin Forman | 2.06.2008 - 7:00 AM


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