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An Incredible Adventure- From Africa to the Business as Mission Training in Thailand

One of the young adults participating in the YWAM Business as Mission Training Course is already planning to take what he learns back to Africa.

I was praying for three years asking God to cross my path with an organization or program that could help me take the next step in business as missions. He was showing me how business could bring transformation to my country.

My background in business is that I sell fish in local villages and I studied in a World Wide Trade course for one year. I felt compelled to find out what was happening in BAM around the world and get plugged into this movement. So, I started researching on the Internet and came across the Lausanne Forum where I found an advertisement for the Introduction to Business as Mission course. I wrote to the director of the course immediately and was told that the applications weren't ready yet. So I waited with perseverance for him to send me one in the summer.

During this time my excitement for this course was building and God was giving more vision for what he wanted to do in my country through BAM. When I applied for the course, I thought I would be under qualified for acceptance on the course. When I heard the news that I was accepted, I felt so blessed. Obtaining a visa to attend the course in Thailand was a miracle for me. The Thai government doesn't release visas to Africans very easily and I needed a year non-immigrant visa. The nearest Thai embassy was in Nigeria and it took me 1 week to travel there by road from Camaroon. I went by car because could not afford the flight to go to the embassy. During some of the journey we had to push the car for up to 2 km at a time because the roads were inaccessible to drive.

By the time we arrived at the embassy in Nigeria, I was very tired but what kept motivating me to press forward was I kept hearing the director encouraging me to persevere through the challenges. Whenever I was running down I heard his voice in my head quickening me to continue overcoming the obstacles I was facing. With the assistance of directors of the BAM course, my job was to convince the Thai embassy I needed a visa to travel to Thailand. At the embassy I gave them my paperwork but had to wait a long time there. It looked like they were going to refuse me a visa and then I called the course director in Europe to have him talk to the embassy official who was making a decision on my case. I was also praying a lot throughout this time asking God to open the door for me. After the official talked to the director, the embassy official handed me my 1 year visa! What an amazing miracle that God gave to me. With visa in hand, I traveled by road back to Camaroon and flew out to Thailand to attend this course. By this point I had not been able to raise enough finances to attend the course but felt so strongly that I should go. I still needed the remainder of my course fees and arrived in Thailand without knowing where this was coming from. Two days after my arrival, God provided for these fees in amazing ways. I still don't know where it came from.

My hope for attending this course is that God will change my local way of understanding business and dissolve the plague I have in my understanding about His kingdom and business. In an African mindset, there is split worldview of the sacred/secular. Many Christians are given a high pedestal because they are in church work, which is seen to be more holy than working in regular job. God has called me to begin to change this mindset in my country and use business to bring transformation in society. After returning from this course, I have a vision for three things God is putting in my heart:

1) I want to expand my fish business and use the networking to teach on BAM wherever I go

2) God has also been speaking to me about reaching the pygmies on the border of Cameroon and CAR through business development bringing them out of tribal, subsistence existence

3)I would love to host a BAM training conference for W. Africa and begin to spread these transformational concepts. I want to see BAM flow in W. Africa because God is using it to do great things.

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posted by Justin Forman | 2.11.2008 - 7:00 AM


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