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International Business as Mission Training Members Return from a Week in China

Personal reflection from Charles who spent a week in China understanding Chinese business culture with the International Business as Mission Training Course. The team tells says "He is a big fan of the BAM network and has it set as his home page" ...

Over the last four weeks I've been engaged in the Introduction to Business as Mission Course in Thailand. My course learning began with an overview of Business as Mission as a mindset and movement. Through the sessions that followed I have been equipped in the following areas: prayer in business,kingdom business planning, setting up accountability systems, and countless other skills one would need to pursue a calling to do business as mission in a cross cultural setting.
Last week I had the opportunity to travel to China on one of the course field trips to learn and experience Business as Mission on the ground.Through this trip four course-mates and I soaked up the Chinese culture as we met with Chinese business people, interviewed BAM practitioners, and learned the realities of doing kingdom business where unique challenges exist.

The business as mission insight I gleaned from this exposure trip was invaluable, but what stuck me most were the hearts and souls of the people of China. Whenever entering a new culture I try to adopt a mindset that prepares me for how different the new culture will be. I am always, however,pleasantly shocked at how many similarities can be found in a new and foreign culture.

The "thumbprint" of God was visible throughout the city. From building names with kingdom significance to Chinese businessmen who operate with Biblical principles having never read the Bible, it was evident that this was a place and people created by God, for his glory and in His image.

Having been apart of this course and field trip, I now have a better framework for Business as Mission, a new heart for China and an invigorated passion for using the gifting of business to draw out the kingdom of God in His people for His glory.

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posted by Justin Forman | 2.29.2008 - 7:00 AM


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