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Tony Evans and Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship to Host Global CEO Meeting in Dallas :: Tom Sudyk

What an amazing God we serve! In response to two core initiatives of the Washington D.C. CEO meeting, to increase diversity and involve the church, we are pleased to announce that Dr. Tony Evans has offered his church, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship (http://www.ocbfchurch.org/), to be the venue for the Dallas Global CEO Network event March 26-28, 2008.

This wonderful opportunity engages a diverse business community and will dynamically impact church leadership.

The event was previously scheduled to take place at the Hilton Garden Inn – Market Center. We are excited about this new setting and very appreciative of those who helped to make this happen. The church is located south of downtown Dallas and easily accessible from major highways. The move to Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship also lowers our costs, thus enabling us to pass on reduced registration fees.

The theme for this meeting is: Global Action - Kingdom Impact.

As a reminder, our Wednesday, March 26th session has been extended, 11am-4pm, and includes lunch. In addition to an overview of the Global CEO Network, we will be sharing a case study demonstrating the power of global business for reaching the lost. If you have never attended a Global CEO Network meeting or would like a refresher on the goals of our meetings, please plan to join us Wednesday.

We have negotiated a group discount rate at the Hilton Garden Inn in Duncanville as an option if you need a hotel room. The hotel is located 3.2 miles from the church and we will carpool to and from the church. Attached is Dallas hotel information, a broad agenda and a fillable registration form. The registration is now $500 per person ($250 for spouses) through Friday, March 7. If your plans change your registration fee is 100% refundable through March 7; thereafter it is non-refundable. Registration after March 7 is $600 ($300 spouses). The registration fee includes: complete conference; lunch and dinner on Wednesday; breakfast, lunch and dinner on Thursday; and breakfast on Friday. There are a limited number of scholarships available. To inquire on these scholarships or to sponsor a participant, please contact Sara at mailto:smaher@ecgroup-intl.com

Register by emailing Sara Maher at smaher@ecgroup-intl.com or via mail or fax using the attached registration form. Please remember that these meetings are by invitation only. If you would like us to extend an invitation to a friend or colleague please contact Sara Maher at smaher@ecgroup-intl.comLooking ahead, the Fall 2008 meeting will be in Chicago, October 2008.


Tom Sudyk
ec group international

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