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The Top 25 Business as Mission Books - Updated

It's the list of the Top 25 Business as Mission Books that has appeared in newsletters and magazines across the country.

As everyone gets ready for that summer vacation, we had some avid readers add their input and help us re-rank the Top 25 books addressing the issue of faith and business.

Maintaining its place at the top is God is at Work by Ken Eldred. Our team also welcomed some new finds to the list (#6 Marketplace Christianity with Robert Fraser, #10 Transformation with Ed Silvoso, #18 Where there are No Job by David Befus, Kingdom Path with Alan Ross, Doing Business God's Way, and Releasing Kings for Minisry in the Marketplace).

Add your comments! We welcome any new finds to consider in the future.

The Top 25 Business as Mission Books

  1. God is at Work :: Ken Eldred
  2. Lausanne Forum Papers
  3. Business as Mission :: Michael Baer
  4. On Kingdom Business :: Eldred and Yamamori
  5. Great Commission Companies :: Steven Rundle and Tom Steffen
  6. Marketplace Christianity :: Robert Fraser - (NEW to the List)
  7. Business for the Glory of God :: Wayne Grudem
  8. God at Work :: David Miller
  9. Kingdom Catalyst :: Johnny Combs
  10. Doing God's Business :: Paul Stevens
  11. Tentmaking :: Patrick Lai
  12. Transformation :: Ed Silvoso - (NEW to the List)
  13. Business as a Calling :: Michael Novak
  14. Devotional Ventures :: Corey Cleek
  15. Annointed for Business :: Ed Silvoso
  16. Convergence :: Brett Johnson
  17. God at Work :: Rich Marshall
  18. Where there are no jobs :: David Befus (NEW to the List)
  19. Kingdom Companies :: Knoblauch and Opprecht
  20. Transform the World :: Nordstrom
  21. Entreprenuer's Creed :: Oster and Hamel
  22. Business as Mission :: Steffen and Barnett
  23. The Gods of Business :: Albertson
  24. Loving Mondays :: Beckett
  25. Galtrnoics Story :: William Goheen

The Next Group ...

  1. Kingdom Path :: Alan Ross - (NEW to the List)
  2. God is my CEO :: Larry Julian
  3. The Church in the Workplace :: Wagner
  4. The 9to5 Window :: Hillman
  5. Doing Business God's Way - (NEW to the List)
  6. Releasing Kings for Ministry in the Marketplace - (NEW to the List)
  7. Your Work Matters to God :: Hendricks and Sherman - (NEW to the List)
  8. Business by the Book :: Larry Burkett - (NEW to the List)
  9. Church on Sunday, Work on Monday :: Laura Nash - (NEW to the List)
  10. The Other 6 Days: Vocation, Work and Ministry - (NEW to the List)
  11. About My Father's Business - (NEW to the List)

New Books to Keep an Eye out for in the coming Months:

  1. A new book from Ken Eldred
  2. A new book from Steve Rundle

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posted by Justin Forman | 5.18.2008 - 7:30 AM


Add co-author Steffen to Great Commission Companies
commented by Blogger big red, 12:44 PM  

If this site does not plan to sell these books, I suggest that you provide links to Amazon which should provide a commission back to defray the web site costs.
commented by Blogger gregsim, 5:54 PM  

Profit for the Lord: Economic Activities in Moravian Missions and the Basel Mission Trading Company (Paperback)by William Danker is an excellent historical study of one of the longest lived and most significant examples of BAM. It is rich with factual details about the actual financial performance, impact, problems and solutions attempted over the decades by these BAM pioneers. These business people crossed cultural barriers through business to reach the unreached. The mistakes they made and the successes they achieved are worth reflecting on by those of us who seek to stand on their shoulders and help finish the task!
commented by Blogger Gary.Ginter, 6:19 PM  

Joy at Work is quite good...although he I think he bucks the rhetoric of BAM, he still adheres to the basic principles.
commented by Anonymous Nathan Ketsdever, 12:13 AM  

Business as Mission by Neil Johnson is the A to Z guide for BAM start ups. Available from IVPress. Also, Why Business Matters to God by Jeff Van Duzer lays the groundwork for a theology of Business.
commented by Blogger Mark, 11:54 AM  

Another great book is "Why Business Matters to God" by Jeff Van Duzer. This was the favourite book I read all of 2011.
commented by Anonymous tim chan, 10:15 AM  

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